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The Best Parkour Gear of 2018

Looking for the best parkour shoes? Ultimately, it’s all about performance and safety, but let’s be honest, we need a bit of style too. We compared overall grip, comfort, style and price to get our final review scores. Here are the top four suggested parkour shoes from active free runners in the industry available right now.

Take Flight 1.0 Onitsuka Tiger 81 Evolv Cruzer Merrell Vapor 2
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When me and my friends were younger, we always liked hanging around abandoned construction sites just outside our home town, not just because it was creepy but because we could jump from one floor to another only 3 meters away from the ground for some awesome air time. Over the years, we discovered that we were not the only one doing this. Parkour suddenly started being a thing seemingly out of nowhere. Traceurs, as we are called now, became quite a thing. Especially here in the States and Europe.

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We have all been free running for just over three years. In that time we have had plenty of terrifying but plenty more amazing experiences and stories in places ranging from Portland all the way to Monaco. In my personal opinion, only a person who does parkour really understands the importance of needing the best parkour shoes. The most important aspect of these shoes is to have a good grip when you really need it. Which brings us to the Take Flight 1.0, a free running shoe that we all believe is simply the best available.

If you are looking for the best parkour shoes, these are what you are exactly what you are looking for.

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The Best Parkour Gear

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Aside from being the only shoe on this list specifically build for Parkour, they provide everything that you will need. Grip, durability, Comfort and the cost of the shoe is actually quite cheap considering the sheer quality you get. Without wanting to sound too obsessed, these shoes are just the best in all aspects when it comes to free running shoes and if you are looking for a Parkour shoe, you have found it. Again, these were literally built from the ground up with our profession in mind. A highly reliable brand of parkour shoes would be that Merrell street shoes, we did an analysis of the top 4 shoes by them for the website, you can check out our Merrell Shoes Reviews here.

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Over the years, we've trained and free run with plenty of the so called best shoes for parkour from both larger companies and smaller manufacturers. But we don't tend to buy into brand hype, preferring to try these things ourselves. In parkour, it's always important to be able to move your feet easily and land in a position of equilibrium. Regardless of which body part touches the ground first. A couple of months ago, we discovered that a company called Take Flight started a kick starter. This project was to produce highly specialized parkour shoes. It was about time too as the demand was high.

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Amazon is where we stumbled upon the newly created 'Take Flight 1.0' parkour and training shoe project. Produced by a new startup business set up in Connecticut, this company boasted that these shoes will have the best grip on rails and that the Take Flight 1.0's offer enhanced cushioning upon landing. The cost for these models on Amazon seem to be a bit cheaper. Overall the cost is still middle-of-the-road which for the quality provided seems like a real bargain. Basically, these are the only Parkour shoes you need.

Honestly, there is not much to fault with this product as unlike many of it’s competitors. They were literally built for Parkour traceurs. Back to our review, after we made an order for a few pairs, the Take Flight's arrived really soon and we immediately took them for a spin in our local skate park. We were all pretty impressed from the beginning, especially going from our slightly dated favorites, the Nike Free Run 2.

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The inner sole is made from a tough rubber and inside you have not one, but two soles for extra strong cushioning. The outside part of the sole has plenty of support lines designed to keep you on narrow surfaces. Such as rails and in those delicate moments where grip matter. Despite all this, the shoes are not at all heavy and are surprisingly lightweight. We think the secret is the special textile they are made of.

Our feet felt super comfortable inside and they certainly allowed plenty of air flow inside. To clarify, we haven't noticed them smelling or anything like that as a result. Whilst the shoes worked well for running on different surfaces. We have to mention that gravel is not their favorite turf as the sole doesn't have the adequate pattern for that. Interestingly, the tip of the shoe is specifically designed to help you get enough boost when preparing to make a jump. As parkour lovers and practitioners, we can say that Take Flight 1.0 has started on the right path with these shoes and made something truly incredible for traceurs.

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Overall, you can see that as opposed to other parkour shoes. They are specially designed with the needs of traceurs in mind. If they did so well with their first pair, the '1.0'. Imagine how the next model will be as they are supposed to be updating the model next year with the 2.0 model or so we have heard anyway. I am personally waiting to see how the shoe fares on the long term. Because up until now we are all very happy with the Take Flight Parkour Shoes and we have all adopted them as our main course track shoes.