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The Best Parkour Gloves of 2018

Looking for the best parkour gloves? Ultimately, it’s all about performance and safety, but let’s be honest, we need a bit of style too. We compared overall grip, comfort, style and price to get our final review scores. Here are the top four suggested parkour gloves from active free runners in the industry available right now.

Seibertron SOLAG iBlood Knuckle Freetoo Tactical Fingerless SOLAG
Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Review iBlood Hard Knuckle Review Freetoo Tactical Gloves Review Seibertron Fingerless Gloves Review
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Freetoo Tactical Gloves

Best Tactical Gloves

The Best Tactical Gloves

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

As we all know, climbing takes a lot of precision and a lot of grip. The wrong kind of glove can result in a lot of issues when climbing, either on indoor climbing walls or out there in the big wide world. After recently getting into rock climbing trying to improve my skills for parkour, gloves were a key aspect of the whole process. You need a pair of gloves you can rely on and trust they won’t be ill-fitted or fail to grip exactly how you need. That’s where the Freetoo Tactical Gloves came in.

These gloves felt snug and fitted to the shape of my hand, which I found such a necessary thing when climbing. Like in parkour where it can be beneficial to have very lightweight gloves, climbing is definitely the same. These gloves are definitely lightweight and sleek, and to me felt very natural. I was initially worried when starting out rock climbing that thick gloves would actually prevent me from gripping onto anything due to excess material, but in the Freetoo gloves I didn’t experience this at all. Gloves that are too big when climbing could cause some issues.

Freetoo Tactical Gloves Review

Namely, these issues would be that the gloves could slip when on due to too much room, or the fingers being too long and stopping you from getting the precise grip you need. This is why I would definitely recommend measuring your hands before buying, just to make sure this doesn’t happen or you. I found a large, measuring 8.5-9 inches was the perfect fit for me. The Freetoo’s have a Velcro wrist strap that secure them in place in the exact position you need, meaning you’re far less likely to experience any injuries due to added support.

The price of these gloves is awesome too, as there are many brands out there that would charge double the price of Amazon I paid. I had a tendency to want to opt for the super expensive gear when I started out, to which my friends soon corrected me. These gloves show that price isn’t what it’s all about when it comes to quality, so these are a real find! The quality is especially good and feel well made, which is a great sign for long-term use. The stitching is neat and secure which can sometimes be an issue in other gloves, so for the price I was pretty impressed.

Easily the Best Tactical Gloves of 2017

So, when it comes to climbing. The grip on the Freetoo gloves was very noticeable, and impressive. The entire palm is covered in anti-skid material which means you can grip that oddly shaped climbing holds for indoor climbing, for example. I found I could secure my palm over various climbing holds at various angles I probably couldn’t bare handed, which meant my climbing became a lot easier. It also meant I could be more adventurous with my decisions of how to climb, due to the added grip. There are breathable vents that prevent your hands from becoming sweaty, which is rare for full gloves, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or discomfort.

I really think that despite being new to climbing, I have found the perfect glove for me. That’s probably thanks to my group of friends who have been climbing for years, but I won’t let them know that! I’m so glad I tried these out before going for the more expensive gloves on the market. My advice? Save your money, and look no further than these Freetoo gloves. Check them out for yourself!

Freetoo Tactical Gloves Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

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Seibertron S.O.L.A.G

Seibertron SOLAG Glove

The Best Parkour Gloves

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

Ever since I was in middle school, I used to go regularly to the gym. Working out and pulling weights relaxes me and helps me relieve the tension accumulated during the day. Like all regular gym goers, I believe that using good equipment is essential to having a healthy body and, most importantly, keeping yourself safe and unharmed. I did not use gloves from the beginning and, thus, I used to have a hard time doing certain exercises, including pull-ups and weight lifting. My palms used to be full of aches and would limit a lot my capacity to push myself further in my exercises. But, as they say, you never know what you're missing out on until you try something better.

After many tries with powder and other so-called solutions, I bought a pair of tough sports' gloves to use at the gym. My life has been better ever since. The gloves helped build up my progress and allowed me to reach new limits with regard to weightlifting. After several years, my old pair of gloves had worn out and I went online to find a new pair. Couldn't have made a better decision!

Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Review

I stumbled upon Amazon the Seibertron Men's Black S.o.l.a.g. Special Ops Full Finger Light Assault Gloves, a pair of gloves deemed extremely resistant by their producer. The gloves arrived in approximately 10 days from Germany. The first time I put them on, they felt a bit tight, but after ten minutes of use, they started to loosen up. The entire surface of the palm is covered with a material providing a powerful grip.

This material proved incredibly useful at the gym, especially in humid or hot conditions. The material out of which the Seibertron's are made allows air to circulate and prevents the hand from becoming sweaty and smelly. The gloves also have a technology that allows the user to tighten them around the wrist. This way, they stay on your hands no matter what.

Easily the Best Parkour Gloves of 2017

All in all, I think the Seibertron's are a good pair of gloves that could easily satisfy the needs of most sportsmen that want plenty of grip on their hands. You can also find these gloves in a fingerless version, online. They do a good job in my case; I haven't experienced a single problem with them, even though I've had bad experiences with gloves in the past. They provide the whole grip I need in order to do physical activity safely and efficiently, whether it is at the gym or elsewhere.

Also, keep in mind that these are some of the cheapest professional gloves out there. In the future, I'll keep my eyes open for this company and its products. Be careful to take time and measure your palms so that you order the right fit; fitting them on will be quite tricky if you don't have the right size.

Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

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iBlood Hard Knuckle

Best Climbing Gloves iBlood

The Best Climbing Gloves

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

This pair is by far one of the best I’ve used, as well as a lot of us in our group. First things first, these babies are described as military grade material, that is anti-slip and anti-static. I was keen to test this out, and they definitely delivered. I found this glove grips on contact without the feeling of it getting stuck in in one position. This is particularly good for quick parkour moves like craning, or obstacle courses. The glove is snug on your hand and doesn’t slip when on, especially due to the Velcro-fastening strap which makes them fit into the exact position you need.

Unlike some other pairs I’ve tried in the past, the Velcro doesn’t begin to turn up or catch on anything which I’ve found is a major plus. They feel secure, snug and comfortable immediately, and don’t slip out of place. The anti-static held up in that I wear a lot of synthetic material, especially when exercising, and I didn’t experience any discomfort due to static at all. Especially when gripping metal, which can sometimes be an issue with static.

The iBlood Hard Knuckle is quite literally that, with a molded knuckle section to protect your joints during activities. I’ve found that the molded knuckles absorb shocks extremely well, which I have found a real pro of these iBlood gloves. I especially like that this glove has fingertips, as I’ve often only used fingerless parkour gloves in the past. In comparison, it just gives you that little bit more confidence you’re not going to scrape anything, and still have the flexibility. I found these gloves great for warmer weather too, finding they actually kept me feeling pretty cool when in other gloves I would start to feel sweaty and hot in them.

iBlood Hard Knuckle Review

The iBlood’s were awesome at temperature management, probably added to by the air holes on the top of the fingers to make them breathable. I tested these gloves out in the rain too, as it’s best to practice parkour in all weather conditions, and these gloves passed the test for me. They didn’t become super saturated in the rain, which is a plus seen as they aren’t sold as waterproof. They may as well be, with the only issue I found being the breathable holes in the fingers letting in a little water, but nothing major. A huge pro!

As parkour gloves go these aren’t the most lightweight on the market, probably due to the molded knuckles. However, they are especially good for durability and protection during parkour, and do have a snug fit on the hand which makes them feel comfortable. As durability goes, I’ve had these gloves just over a month and used them whenever I parkour. They’ve not shown any signs of fraying or becoming worn, and don’t seem like they will anytime soon. The molded knuckles do get scratched up a little when out on concrete which is to be expected!

This is where the protective element comes in with these gloves. On concrete I find it pretty important to have the confidence in my gear as it’s one of the most dangerous areas to parkour, and these gloves just gave me that peace of mind. I ended up quite liking they weren’t that sleek, as the added protection is easy to see on these iBlood gloves. One drawback of these gloves I have found is that the sizing can be an awkward, to which I would recommend going for the next size up if you have a larger hand like me to be sure.

Easily the Best Climbing Gloves of 2017

They were a little snug but still comfortable, especially as you can adjust the gloves, but to be sure I would go for the next size. It’s super important to get a glove that fits well, as you want to have full dexterity and use of your hand as if it weren’t in a glove, but with all the benefits of protection and grip. This would include gloves that are too small for you, and also gloves that are too big which could lead to slipping or chafing. The added adjustment strap helps combat this if you’re worried about sizing which I found useful.

All in all, they sure do pack a lot in to these gloves. I’d recommend buying these iBlood Hard Knuckle gloves through Amazon for fast delivery, and a crazy array of colors of course! Head over and check these out for yourself.

iBlood Hard Knuckle Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

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Seibertron Fingerless

Seibertron Fingerless Gloves

Seibertron Half -Finger Glove Review

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Great Great Excellent 8 / 10 Amazon

As I was crushing pretty hard over the Seibertron Tactical fingerless gloves (not just for the name!) I felt the need to try out their other pair. With fingers! These are pretty sweet in terms of all of the attributes the fingerless Seibertron gloves had, just with a few additional areas worth talking about.

First of all, as I’ve already mentioned there are pros and cons to fingerless and full gloves for parkour. I feel that depending on your preference, either can be great for parkour – but for me, I seemed to prefer fingerless. Probably due to the fact I started out doing parkour bare handed, but I have to say I feel like a converted man. The grip is a lot more reliable, and something I’ve noticed is an increase in confidence with full gloves. These Seibertron’s allowed me to feel pretty comfortable attempting more complex moves and obstacles due to the protection and shock absorption. There is very little chance of hurting yourself in full gloves, as you’re literally completely covered. It’s just added grip – more than your fingers could give – which means added confidence.

The material is breathable, light and comfortable without feeling like an obstruction. I have full dexterity in these gloves, which can sometimes be hard to find in full gloves as opposed to fingerless gloves. A con I did find is that these gloves are not waterproof, which can be pretty uncomfortable using them in heavier rain as they can become easily soaked. I guess that’s a given, but it’s something I noticed when in wetter weather. If you’re planning a lot of outdoors parkour in wetter climates, these might not be the best suited gloves, but they dry out super quickly and the grip never faltered in these conditions for me.

Seibertron Fingerless Review

I found these gloves perfect for warmer conditions as they’re super breathable, and aren’t great for keeping you warm in colder weather if that’s what you’re looking for. The double straps of Velcro around the wrists again give you added adjustment and grip, molding to the shape of your hand. The durability of these is awesome, with no fraying or snags, looking ready for heavy duty usage. They feel very well made, just like the fingerless Seibertron gloves on Amazon, that’s pretty awesome.

Unlike the iBlood’s these gloves do not have a full molded knuckle piece, but there is added protection on the knuckles and tops of the fingers. I feel these gloves have a sleeker feel to the iBlood’s I’ve previously reviewed, which is a plus if you feel you want the added protection without feeling too bulky. The palms of the gloves are covered in grips, which stand the test of time for sure. You definitely notice the grip on these gloves which is a major plus. They’re also made from PU and synthetic leather, which means they’re flexible and fit snugly without feeling too clingy. Also, no harm to the animal kingdom: guilt-free parkour!

Overall, these are a neat pair of gloves, especially for parkour. The grip is undeniable, without feeling stuck or difficult on contact which is a major plus. These are a sleek, comfortable, practical glove that do the job perfectly. I especially liked using these on concrete, where there is always the chance of scrapes and… well… pain! But these definitely gave me the confidence to try things out without worrying. For the first timer or any newbies to parkour, I would set your sights on these, for the peace of mind, grip, and durability. A definite winner in my book!

One of the Best Parkour Gloves

These were discounted on Amazon, so even better! So. What have we learnt? More like what have I learnt from my countless bumps and scrapes over the years! I do feel that trying out full gloves has converted me to preferring these compared to fingerless, but for the adventurous type who wants to feel a little more exposed, fingerless is the way to go. If you’ve had one too many falls or scrapes with bare hands, or have had to deal with callouses and hard skin on your palms from gripping, gloves are just the way forward. They sure were for me.

I think out of these three main players, I’ve preferred using the Seibertron Tactical fingerless gloves due to my roots of bare handed parkour. The grip, the flexibility and comfort is hands down a winner for me. I have also found that I’ve worn the Seibertron Tactical gloves (the full gloves) a lot more recently too, as in comparison to the iBlood’s they’re pretty sleek and close fitting. Kinda like a ninja, which is always cool. I feel that the iBlood’s molded knuckle looks pretty badass and give you added protection, but if you’re looking for a sleeker glove, the Seibertron’s are both ones to check out.

Seibertron Fingerless Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Great Great Excellent 8 / 10 Amazon

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Free Running Gloves Review Guide

Parkour is considered both a sport and a training discipline that teaches any individual of undisturbed control physically and mentally. This sport was popularized around the 1990s and 2000s and commonly practiced in urban settings. In fact, what makes this both as a sport and a training discipline is the thrusts it tries to inculcate in any person interested in this type of activity or sport. It allows an individual to have profound understanding of the discipline, respect, and humility it implies.

What You Need to Consider in Parkour

Aspiring to develop skill in Parkour needs guideline with its mechanics, techniques, and even the needed gears to surpass any challenges. This kind of sport requires various movements, techniques, and environments. Remember that engaging in Parkour requires a lot of running, climbing, jumping, vaulting, rolling, and swinging. Therefore, the much-needed gear is a must. One important equipment in Parkour that has gone through a handful of debates among practitioners is Parkour gloves. Others contended that you could have better control in the activity when you use your bare hands, but always take note that getting better at this activity needs more practice.

Now, if you injure your hands along the process which will eventually lead you to take a rest, how then can you continuously practice without any protection? Protection is the essence of securing that you have the needed gear to master Parkour. However, there are other factors to consider when buying Parkour gloves. Meanwhile, you may want to look at some of the best Parkour gloves that you can find.

Precisions Parkour Gloves

Usually, the cause of much debates whether to use a pair of Parkour glove or not is somehow related to precision. Some will say that bare hands provide more accuracy since you can feel every surface that you will touch on.

However, in Parkour, it is a need to have protection from scrapes, bruises, and injuries. Thus, having a pair of Parkour glove is required. Try the Precisions Parkour Gloves as these can guarantee the precision that you ought to have when it comes to Parkour. This pair gives both the benefit of protection and accuracy because it is specially tailored to fit well to your hands. It provides precision because of its thinness, yet it does not hurt or rip your skin away. Others have worries on Parkour gloves slipping away in the midst of the activity, but with the Precisions Parkour Gloves, you can be assured that they do not sweat your hands while being sticky enough onto your skin.

Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves

If you are looking for gloves that can be used rain or shine, a pair of Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves is indeed your best choice. With the palms made of rubber, these gloves are a must-have especially for beginners who aspire to practice daily regardless of the weather. The rubber does not take in so much water when it rains; hence it is perfect for practicing. Plus, the indentations of the rubber palm gives a natural feel.

In addition, what makes the Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves highly recommended is its comfort. It is made of 50% polyester and 50% rubber and has no seams which make it non-irritating to the skin. Its seamless cushioning helps you avoid blistering and hand fatigue. This pair of gloves is also breathable enough due to the polyester component in the back of the hand while providing an allowance for your fingers to allow an strong grip. When it comes to durability, you cannot go wrong with Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves because of its rubber content. Rubber is such a hard-wearing material, thus providing much durability and longevity to your Parkour gear.

Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves

Another best-recommended of Parkour gloves is the Outdoor Research Irongsight Gloves. These gloves give you the natural sensation as you slide in back and forth. They are considered very lightweight which can make your hands feel as if they are free and bare. One notable feature of this pair of gloves that makes it so lightweight is the thin silicone pad. The silicone pads are made thin to ensure that you can have a good feel of the surfaces and your surroundings. However, in using this type of gloves, you are not sacrificing a good grip because of its precise design.

Furthermore, what makes these gloves ideal to have is its handy loop in the wrist part. This feature allows you to pull the gloves on and off so quickly. For durability and protection, the mesh and leather materials on the back side of the hand allow you to use it for a longer time due to its superb quality. Lastly, because these gloves were tailored into a pre-curve and boxed construction, they render an anatomical fit. These gloves also provide a solid grip because of the silicone grip pads on the pad and the fingers, thus making them so ideal both for beginners and practitioners.

Factors to Consider When Buying Parkour Gloves

Grip: Looking for Parkour gloves should meet your precision needs. Parkour involves a lot of complex movements, thus considering the grip is very essential. You do not want to let your gloves slip away or hurt your skin in any way as it can ruin the activity. Making sure that you avoid interruptions in your Parkour activity, consider gloves that are perfectly tailored to fit in your hands - from the back of your hands, palms to your fingers. Gloves that can easily slip away can limit your training, especially that this kind of sport needs momentum.

Comfort: When you talk about comfort, it also comes along with how natural the gloves feel for you. Do not be confused with other people telling you that you do not need gloves in Parkour.
Take into account that whether you are a beginner or not, protecting your hands while being comfortable with the gear is vital for a continual training.

With comfort, you need to make sure that the gloves you are choosing are those that are appropriate for the weather. For instance, in cold weather, you may need to consider those that can cover up from the back of your hands to the tip of your fingers to avoid numbing your fingers. Fully covered gloves can be used for both cold and warm weather, depending on your necessity. But if you need more ventilation, then a pair of finger-less gloves is just the right option.


Protection as a factor to consider when buying Parkour gloves is reiterated as this is one of the most important factors. You wear gloves to protect your skin from blisters, bruises, scrapes, and scars. The material is a vital element when it comes to protection. You may want to consider those with seamless cushioning, mesh and leather material as these provide the right protection without restraining your hand movement.

Weight and Size: The weight and size are other important factors because if your pair of Parkour gloves is too thick, it may restrain the agitation of your hands as you perform complex movements. Usually, what works best with Parkour gloves is the lightweight ones as it can make your hands feel free as you move. The size is another thing considering that your Parkour gloves should have the right fit so as not to disregard the ventilation.

Durability and Flexibility

Choosing Parkour gloves for yourself should be a sound investment. It is not something that can only be worn few times, but something that can last longer. Keep in mind that Parkour requires so much difficulty in movements as you maneuver yourself and touch different surfaces.

With various surfaces that you can encounter, you'd want to avoid ripping your Parkour gloves off easily. Being ripped off easily gives more chances for your hands to be exposed to scars, blisters, bruises, and scrapes. Design. This factor is the least to consider but is still considered a factor to keep in mind. The designs of the Parkour gloves have something to do with the overall function. It should not only look good on you; rather it should be more of a functional gear. For example, the breathing holes serve for ventilation and leather materials serve for protection of the hands. The design of finger-less gloves also makes as a good option for warm weather conditions as it can let the hands breathe.

Moreover, taking into consideration the overall look of your Parkour gloves based on its design is just secondary. What goes first when it comes to design is the compatibility of function and aesthetic. What if You Do Not Wear Parkour Gloves? There is always a risk to it, especially for beginners. Surfaces vary since the movements tend to be difficult. Therefore, you need Parkour gloves to protect your hands from any possibility of injuries. However, you may always think of the challenge you get from wearing Parkour gloves. Well, nothing is restraining to your hands for as long as you know which Parkour gloves to pick. Always consider those that provide the most benefits without limiting your hand movements.

Advantages in Using Parkour Gloves

Prevention from Injuries: As complicated as the movements and techniques can be, you cannot deny that you will get injured, especially if you don't have any equipment. Regardless if you are careful enough, you cannot guarantee that since Parkour itself is a kind of sport that requires difficulty in movements in different environments. When you are being caught with blisters, bruises, scrapes, and scars, you will most likely cease practicing. Getting the time to recover is not ideal as you aspire to practice your craft. Thus, preventing injuries through Parkour gloves is relevant.

Extenuating Situations: If Parkour is your passion, yet you have a profession that you do not want to sacrifice. Parkour gloves serve as protection for those hands as you do not want to ruin them with cuts and scrapes. This factor is an advantage for those who take Parkour as a passion, but who are not willing to condition their hands.

Parkour gloves are perfect gear as you practice, regardless of if you are a beginner or an experienced traceur. Take note that the movements and techniques and the surrounding environment can be harsh and rough for any practitioner, and anyone has limits especially if you are practicing with more frequency. You can decide to use your bare hands on some days if you prefer it. Then, on most days, you can opt to use Parkour gloves to protect yourself from harsh conditions.

Winter Training: Using Parkour gloves is twice more important in a winter training. Parkour gloves can prevent hand numbness as you continue performing Parkour. You surely do not want to limit your movements even in harsh conditions like in cold weathers.


Well, there may be a lot of debates either it would be better to use Parkour gloves or not. However, it is always better to be on the safe side. It does not hurt in your pocket if you have few pairs on standby. You may consider using your bare hands for now, but as you go through days with Parkour, you will need some protection. If your hands do not necessarily get cut, bruised or scraped, still your hands will get sore because they’ll get worn out in the process. To be able to continue with your practice, always make sure to keep a few pairs.

Furthermore, using Parkour gloves also help you when you look forward to improving your upper arm strength. Bear in mind that gloves are practical gears in whatever sports which usually need more hand movements. You can do more when you have something that protects your hands. You can just keep a few pairs of Parkour gloves, so whenever you feel the need to use them, you will always have something to choose from.

With the above choices for the best Parkour gloves, you may want to go deeper with your personal preferences. Those gloves may have features that others do not have, thus always consider both the practical guidelines as well as your individual needs to come up with the perfect choice.

Seibertron Fingerless Alternative Review

One thing I’ve learnt over almost 3 years of parkour is that your gear is the most important thing. You can be physically fit and strong, but with the wrong equipment, you’re not going to reach your full potential. When starting out I used to use my bare hands, and soon got a lot of callouses and hard skin on my palms and inside of my hand and fingers. I have soon learnt (the hard way!) that gloves are an excellent compromise to still get that same grip, dexterity, and protection against scrapes and damage.

Amongst my group of friends, we’ve often exchanged tips on the best gloves on the market for what we’re into, and I thought that as I’ve tried out so many, it would be worth blogging about them and my experiences with various brands. It can be easy to get carried away on price and go for the most expensive kit on the market, especially if you’re new to parkour. So, here are a few of the best I’ve tried and where to find them.

Next up, the Seibertron. The name of these made me feel like I would actually become some kind of superhero, which is pretty awesome in itself! But in all seriousness, these gloves are perfect for parkour for many reasons. In comparison to the iBlood’s, these are fingerless which can be both a pro and a con. The upside to a fingerless glove is you feel even less like you’re wearing protective gear and it just protects your palms from scrapes and hard skin build up. With these Seibertron gloves, I had full dexterity and freedom of my hands whilst also having the confidence of shock absorption.

Seibertron Fingerless Alternative Review

These are super light and snug when on, and contour to your hand perfectly. These gloves are actually fully adjustable too, with two straps, which means it’s perfect for someone with larger hands. The fact these gloves are so flexible made me feel pretty bare handed which is a major plus, but also gave me added protection and shock absorption. Although I like to feel protected during parkour, it can feel like an obstruction having bulky gloves on and reduce the thrill at times. With these gloves it was a great compromise between the two. I especially like these gloves when using poles as obstacles, as grip bare handed on metal can be difficult, especially in wet weather.

These gloves survived that test for sure, and gripped well even onto smooth objects, such as bars. They don’t feel bulky or padded, whilst giving you the feeling of protection and support; a pretty perfect combo for parkour! The durability on these is also great, as they seem pretty capable of withstanding heavy usage. I haven’t experienced any change in comfort, grip or performance, feeling super well made after nearly two months of usage. Pretty impressive. They aren’t a rigid or starched material, meaning they stay flexible and just feel as close to bare handed as possible, whilst providing support.

I especially think these gloves are impressive for the price on Amazon for a size large. The prices range due to size, but there are exact measurements listed which are super helpful. I’ve found most gloves can often feel like they come up small, and I would say check out the measurements before buying. However, the range of adjustment on these gloves is pretty awesome and can get around this is you have an issue with sizing.

Free Running Glove Reviews

As I’ve mentioned, I found this useful for someone with larger hands like me. The Seibertron gloves also don’t hold onto any odor from sweat after heavy use, and they’re described as needing very little washing, which I’ve found to be true. The only possible con I could see with these gloves is that new factory smell that seems to cling to this kind of material, but that soon fades.

One con I have found that these are great in colder and wet weather, but can become hot in warmer climates. I think this can be expected during parkour, and a bonus is that as the gloves are fingerless, you don’t feel overheated or sweaty in them. I feel that the material is pretty breathable, and in any gear you’re bound to feel hotter at times. I don’t feel this is a major drawback to the Seibertron at all, especially due to their durability in wetter weather which is hard to find.

Overall, a great pair of gloves for parkour. A no nonsense, comfortable, reliable pair of gloves for a bunch of activities, not just parkour. A couple of guys in our group use these for paintballing, showing their adaptability. All in all, for the price as well, a sweet pair of parkour-ready gloves! You can find these on Amazon in the link, so be sure to check these out.