Ultimate Parkour Sweatpants Guide

The Best Parkour Sweatpants of 2018

Looking for the best parkour sweatpants? Ultimately, it’s all about performance and safety, but let’s be honest, we need a bit of style too. We compared overall grip, comfort, style and price to get our final review scores. Here are the top four suggested parkour sweatpants from active free runners in the industry.

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Hemoon Running Trousers

Untamed Flow Pants

Parkour Sweatpants

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

The Hemoon Men's Running Trousers are stylish as well as comfortable. These trousers are worn by some of the great traceurs as they are made up of high-quality materials and are very light. Hemoon clothing is famous for being stylish, comfortable, and high quality and the apparel is loved by all. The Hemoon Men's Running Trousers are perfect for parkour, free running, yoga, basketball, and other sports. These sweatpants give you a wide choice as they are available in ten colors. They are made up of 100% polyester and stretch well while performing various stunts and athletic actions. The fabric is completely machine washable, so you can easily wash them after each use. The fabric is made to withstand the rigors of daily use and machine wash.

The closure is made of elastic. The waist is wrapped up with a comfortable and flexible waistband, and it contains a drawstring that is made of flexible fabric. This drawcord is available for fastening the waistband. The sweatpants have side pockets which are deep and wide and have a unique triangular style.
These trousers are ideal for people who suffer from varicose veins as they are extremely comfortable and durable. Varicose veins can cause pain and swelling in legs, and this medical condition is very common in athletes, especially traceurs. To avoid hurting yourself if you have this condition, you can use these Hemoon sweatpants.

Hemoon Running Trousers Review

• Material: 100% polyester
• Closure: Elastic
• Type: Runner’s sweatpants
• Machine washable: Yes
• Pockets: Yes, on the sides
• Drawcords: Yes, made of adjustable fabric

• They are very comfortable and durable.
• They are machine washable.
• They have a stretchy material that makes it easy to run and perform.
• They are ideal for free running and parkour.
• They have a waistband that makes it more comfortable.
• The drawcord allows the wearer to achieve a perfect fit.

• They have a slim fit.
• They are not well ventilated.

Easily the Parkour Sweatpants of 2017

The Hemoon Men's Running Trousers are worn by many traceurs because of their durability and comfort. These sweatpants allow the wearer to stretch in different ways and perform various activities such as running, jumping, and tackling obstacles. These pants help the lower body of the athletes run freely and properly. These pants are also good for the health of the runners as they prevent varicose veins and avoid stress on the knees and thighs.

Hemoon Running Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

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Run Free Training Pants

Run Free Training Pants Review

Parkour Sweats

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

Run Free Training Pants have been launched by Take Flight, which is popular for introducing stylish and comfortable clothes. As the name of the company suggests, these clothes are specially designed for athletes. Take Flight is also the world's first company that started manufacturing clothes especially for parkour athletes. These sweatpants are ideal for parkour because they are designed to keep traceurs comfortable and passionate throughout their stunts.

The Run Free Training Pants are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These pants are very comfortable and loose as well. They have a very simple design as they have no pockets, no elastic ankle bottoms, and no drawcords. All you have to do is to wear the pants and get ready for running. These pants are perfect for parkour and free running as well as casual wear. They are quite roomy and allow the runners to run freely without caring about their legs getting stuck or being irritated.

These sweatpants are created by experts and designers, and they have made these pants comfortable enough that they can be worn by traceurs without any worries. These pants are very versatile as they can be worn for running, jumping, and performing various stunts. They can also be worn at casual gatherings and at home because they are very comfortable and the fabric keeps the lower body well ventilated.

Run Free Training Pants Review

• Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• Closure: Non-elastic
• Machine washable: Yes
• Type: Runner’s sweatpants
• Pockets: No
• Drawcords: No

• They are very light and durable.
• They are machine washable.
• They are versatile and are perfect for casual wear and training.
• They are very soft and comfortable.
• They are very loose and roomy.
• They are well ventilated.
• They are designed especially for parkour athletes.

• They don’t have any pockets to keep things.
• They are available in two colors only.

Excellent Parkour Sweats

The Run Free Training Pants are designed especially for traceurs. They are well ventilated as they are loose and roomy. The design is very simple and there are no pockets, drawcords, or zippers. They are perfect for casual wear and running, jogging, jumping, and all those stunts that are involved in parkour.

These sweatpants will make you feel like a professional runner as soon as you wear them as they are loved by many famous traceurs. They are available in different sizes and two colors: black and gray. The polyester and cotton fabric keeps the lower body cool in summers and protects the skin from the elements.

Run Free Training Pants Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

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Untamed Flow Pants

Best Climbing Pants

Best Parkour Pants

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Great Great 8 / 10 Amazon

The Untamed Men's Parkour Flow Pants are also designed especially for traceurs. They are ideal for running as they are made of a high-quality and comfortable material that provides the runners with the flow and freedom they need. These sweatpants are designed for better performance and agility. These Untamed sweatpants are made of a water-repellant fabric, so they are perfect to be used in any weather, including rainy and snowy weather. Its inside is unbrushed that allows it to dry quickly if the lower body is too sweaty. The pants have two side pockets and one back pocket. It also has secret pockets for the strings.

These pants are suitable for all types of sports such as parkour, free running, jogging, and basketball and for performing stunts and different types of athletic acts. The Untamed sweatpants are unique as they are handmade and are excellent in quality as they are designed with precision and attention. The pants have a print on the top side and front bottom. The drawcords are provided for easy adjustability and comfort.

Untamed Flow Pants Review

• Material: Cotton
• Closure: Non-elastic
• Machine washable: Yes
• Type: Parkour running pants
• Pockets: Yes, two on the side and one on the back
• Drawcords: Yes

• They are water-repellent.
• They are very comfortable and light.
• They provide relief against sweat because of the unbrushed insides.
• They are loose enough and well ventilated.
• They are very durable and can withstand the daily rigors.
• They are handmade and made of high-quality materials.

• They are very long.

Great Parkour Sweatpants

The Untamed Men's Parkour Flow Pants are designed especially for traceurs and are made of an ultra-light and comfortable cotton material. The water-repellant capability of these pants makes them ideal for being used in different weather conditions. The designers of these pants have maintained a good balance between breathability, protection, and freedom of movement.

Untamed Flow Pants Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Great Great 8 / 10 Amazon

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The Best Parkour Sweatpants

Parkour is an interesting sport, and it requires the players to make quick stunt-like movements to excel in the game. The game consists of moving, climbing, and jumping and the player has to make repetitive and continuous movements.

To play this game, one has to be careful. As the game requires lots of movements and stunts, you must prepare yourself to handle all the stress on your body. For this purpose, you should be prepared from head to toe and consider everything that could affect the game such as your shoes and clothes. In this post, we will be discussing the best parkour sweatpants that parkour enthusiasts wear to keep themselves comfortable throughout the game.

Factors to consider before buying parkour sweatpants

Sweatpants for parkour have to be made of a light material because the game involves lots of workouts and stunts. The material should also be stretchy and loose as the game requires the player to run and jump over obstacles. Thus, if you are going to buy sweatpants for parkour, you must consider one that is soft, light, comfortable, and stretchy. For this purpose, cotton or any other stretchy and light material can be a good choice.


Always go for sweatpants that are bigger in size and loose. Skintight pants can be very annoying as parkour involves different skills such as jumping, climbing, and running through and over obstacles. Many parkour experts prefer wearing loose and long, baggy sweatpants to keep themselves comfortable during the game so that they can make any movements they want. A loose and big pair of sweatpants will allow the player to maintain power, balance, comfort, and speed throughout the game.

Oversized, baggy pants are worn by many expert traceurs (people who do parkour), and others are following it as a trend because they look cool. These baggy pants also make some stunts look mesmerizing such as when traceurs have to flare their legs. Moreover, baggy pants are very comfortable to wear and well ventilated as compared to other regular pants. These loose and long pants give freedom and flexibility to the players so that they can play this game more actively and overcome their flaws easily.


Sweatpants are available in different styles depending on their manufacturers. Some pants have pockets, while others do not. However, the presence of pockets in sweatpants can be a useful addition as they allow traceurs to have something to store their accessories.

Sweatpants also differ from each other with regards to enclosure. Some have an elastic closure, while some use a flexible waistband and others use drawcords or drawstrings to provide a good fit. Some pants are baggy and provide more room to the wearer, while others have a slim fit and look more stylish than the baggier ones. Depending on your preference and comfort, you should go for the one that suits your personality.


The weather will also affect your decision. In winters, you won't be able to wear light and soft sweatpants made up of materials like cotton. However, if you live in a place where the climate is usually hot, you should buy sweatpants that are made of cotton and help the body remain well ventilated in the hot weather. For winters, you'll have to buy sweatpants made of a thicker material and if it's freezing, you'll have to layer yourself. If you are planning to do parkour on ice, you must go for sweatpants made up of leather so that you don't get wet when you land on ice.

The best parkour sweatpants on the market

If you want to practice parkour or free running, you'll have to do it in your own way. All the great traceurs have their own style of playing and performing. One element that makes them unique is their attire. If you want to look different from other traceurs, you should go for sweatpants that are stylish and let you perform easily. The visual effect is always desirable to the audience and along with performing well, you'll have to look good too.
We are going to review the top three sweatpants for traceurs, which are extremely comfortable, light, and loose. By wearing these sweatpants, you'll be able to practice parkour and free running very easily and comfortably.


Parkour is a game that requires freedom of movement, which is why you should look for pants that are ultra-comfortable, light, soft, and durable. Always look for sweatpants that don't get too hot while you are training. Sweatpants with an elastic closure are also beneficial because they provide a slim fit and the bottom doesn't interfere while running. Always try the pants once before buying so that you can get an idea of the comfort level.

This way you will know exactly what to expect when you buy the pants you want. The three sweatpants discussed here are perfect for parkour. However, our favorite is the Run Free Training Pants. This one is flexible, cheap, comfortable, and ideal for all traceurs out there.