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Exercises for Traceurs

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Written by Eric Koston

Exercises for Traceurs

Free running is not like any other kind of sport. You can’t just free run every so often and then expect your body to be able to handle the stresses that are associated with this extremely exhausting activity. No, you need to be able to optimize your performance in order to provide yourself with a truly enjoyable experience while free running. Listed below are some of the best exercises to help you get into proper traceur shape. These exercises will help strengthen every aspect of your body that is associated with free running and parkour training.

Cardio Training

This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of people tend to forget that free running is actually an activity that puts a lot of strain on your cardiovascular system. If you want your body to be able to handle the stresses associated with parkour, you need to run every day. This would help your heart get strong enough to pump blood with the efficiency necessary to get oxygen to your straining muscles in the shortest amount of time possible. This would help you increase your actual parkour training by a really large margin.


Core Exercises

Parkour training uses a lot of muscles, but perhaps one of the most underrated muscles in your system within the context of free running is your core muscles. These include your abs, your internal external oblique muscles as well as your diaphragm. All of these muscles are in your abdomen, but abdomen exercises aren’t going to work here because they isolate your muscles. You don’t need a six pack to free run, you need abdominal muscles that are strong enough to support parts of your body. What you need is a functional abdominal strength, and exercises such as planks are perfect for gaining this kind of strength.


Strength Building Exercises

Just because you need endurance, stamina and core training for traceur does not mean that strength training is now obsolete. Quite on the contrary, strength training can be quite useful for traceur. Focus on your legs, but work your chest out as well. Your arms are more important, though, as is your upper back such as your lats and traps. Legs, arms, and upper back should be a focus, with shoulders and chest training being secondary. You could even try bodyweight training at homes such as pushups and the like. These have the added advantage of working out your core as well at the same time!



Stretching is also extremely important for those taking part in traceur training. If you stretch as much as possible, you would be able to make jumps that were pretty much impossible for you to accomplish before. Remember to equip the best parkour sweatpants available, this will make life so much easier! The great thing about stretching is that it prevents your muscles from getting sore too, something that really does make a difference when it comes to the world of traceur. Just stretch before your strength training and traceur training and you should be fine.

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