Ultimate Parkour Backpacks Guide

The Best Parkour Backpack of 2018

Looking for the best parkour backpack? Ultimately, it’s all about performance and safety, but let’s be honest, we need a bit of style too. We compared overall grip, comfort, style and price to get our final review scores. Here are the top four suggested parkour backpack from active free runners in the industry.

Osprey Daylite Backpack Everest Sling Bag Port & Company Sling
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Osprey Daylite Backpack

Osprey Daylite Backpack

Parkour Backpack

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

With so many daypacks available, finding the right one is often difficult. As far as the Osprey Daylite Plus goes, it definitely fulfils all the necessary requirements, and more. With a variety of storage compartments and a comfortable padding on the back, it is perfect for anything from skiing holidays to shopping trips.

Unlike its predecessor, the Osprey Daylite pack, it has been made considerably larger, whilst still maintaining its light weight and durability. Its multiple storage pockets, including an interior computer sleeve and a smaller front pocket, help to organise smaller and more valuable items, whilst making them easier to access, but still secure. The front pocket is also flexible and can stretch out, which is incredibly useful when you need extra storage for clothes or snacks.

Also, the pack can be attached to many of Osprey’s larger bags, which is perfect if you plan smaller day trips over a long holiday. All of these features help to make the Daylite Plus daypack more functional and adaptable. Additionally, the pack has mesh pockets on the exterior for water bottles. Whilst these pockets are not big enough for large bottles of water, the larger interior storage space and room for a hydration bag more than make up for this.

A disadvantage to this pack is its lack of rain cover, which is not of major concern to most of its users. However, if it is necessary for you, there is one available to buy separately at a competitive price. The key benefits of buying this bag are its versatility and easy to use design. It provides a large storage space, whilst still maintaining a light weight overall, which is useful if you are using it as hand luggage on plane.

Osprey Daylite Backpack Review

Whilst it lacks an internal frame to provide the pack with more rigidity, its back is made of die-cut foam stiffener to increase its comfort for the user. Whilst this isn’t a major concern, it is useful to consider if you will be carrying heavier items.

A summary of the products pro’s are:
- Multiple areas for storage
- Great price
- Space for a hydration bag and a computer storage sleeve
- Comfortable back padding, which doesn’t get hot and sweaty over a long hike
- From a reliable brand which maintains its goal of providing long-lasting, reliable products
- Can be attached to larger Osprey packs

However, the cons of the pack are as follows:
- No rain cover
- Computer sleeve is not suitable for large laptops
- Side mesh pockets are not suitable for a large water bottle
- Lack of a rigid frame

Easily the Parkour Backpack of 2017

Overall, Osprey’s Daylite Plus Daypack offers something new and different to the other packs in the series. Its key selling points are its larger size, comfortableness and multiple storage pockets including space for a hydration bag and laptop. All of these features make the pack more durable, comfortable and adaptable. As the successor to the popular Osprey Daylite pack, I am sure its improvements will make it even more successful and appealing.

This pack will become a reliable possession, helping to keep your things secure, organised and easy to access, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday, hike or day out.

Osprey Daylite Backpack Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 10 / 10 Amazon

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Everest Sling Bag

Parkour Backpack

Everest Sling Bag Review

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

Turning to a different style of bag, the Everest Sling Bag offers a stylish way to bring everything you need for a day out. Whether you are using it for a schoolbag, going to the gym or a daytrip on holiday, this bag will suit all of your needs.

Whilst the one shouldered style may not be for everyone, Everest have made a bag which is adaptable and versatile. The clever design allows weight to be dispersed throughout the bag, meaning that the user can put heavy items in the bag, and it would still feel manageable and easy to carry. The design also makes the bag feel sturdy and durable. This is very reassuring for people who will be going on long hikes and need a good quality bag to carry food and supplies, without being worried they will lose their belongings on the journey.

Another great feature of the Everest Sling Bag is that it is incredibly comfortable. With a padded back, it’s easy to wear the bag for long durations of time without feeling the strain on your back or shoulder. Many people’s concerns over sling bags is how the weight is not dispersed over your two shoulders. However, the extra padding in this bag mean you don’t notice any difference between wearing this sling bag and a two-strap backpack.

The bag is also weather-lined meaning it is perfect for outdoor trips and holidays. As well as this, it has a useful keyring on the top of the bag, which you can hang keys, umbrellas or accessories to customise the bag for school. On top of this, the bag comes in a range of colours which adds to is stylishness and means you can make it even more personal.

Excellent Traceur Backpack

Additionally, the Everest Sling Bag is very functional. It has two exterior pockets which are perfect for organising your smaller items such as a phone or keys. This also means your essential items are easily accessible, so you don’t have to rummage around in your bag to find things. Moreover, with durable zips this bag does not compromise on the security of your possessions, and the user can feel safe knowing their belongings are safe and organised. The main pocket in the bag is also large enough to store files, large books and laptops if you intend to use it for school or work purposes. Overall, it is very practical and accommodating without losing out on security.

However, unfortunately, the bag does not have a pocket for a water bottle. However, its large pocket size and weight dispersal throughout the bag mean that you can store any bottles in the main compartment.

A summary of the products pro’s are:
- It is versatile
- Stylish
- Comfortable
- Affordable
- Good weight dispersal

However, the negatives of the sling bag are as follows:
- can only be worn over the right shoulder
- no water bottle holder

Overall, the Everest Sling Bag is a comfortable, stylish and affordable buy. Its design means it perfect at dispersing the weight of your belongings across your body which is a major advantage in a sling bag. Whilst it doesn’t have a water bottle holder, it has large pockets which mean you can organise your belongings safely and securely. It is a truly worthwhile buy and will become a bag you will always rely on.

Everest Sling Bag Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Awesome Excellent 9 / 10 Amazon

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Port & Company Sling

Best Parkour Backpack

Port & Company Sling bag

Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Great Great 8 / 10 Amazon

The Port & Company Honeycomb Sling bag is functional, stylish and versatile addition to the market. With large pockets and compact size, it is one of the most adaptable bags available. The bag itself comes in many different colours which adds to its stylishness. As it is on the smaller side, it is perfect for professional use or as a travel bag. It also has an adjustable strap which is highly useful for a sling bag. This is a great addition as it means the user can adjust the bag to suit their body and will decrease the strain on your shoulder, making it incredibly comfortable if you will be using it over a long duration of time.

Port & Company have also designed the bag to be incredibly light weight without compromising on the storage space available. The material feels of good quality and the bag itself is functional and versatile. This makes the bag perfect for carrying clothes for the gym, a daytrip or a hike.

The bag has two main compartments. The smaller one at the front is perfect for organising smaller items so you can find and access them easily. The zip close also means your belongings will be kept safe and secure throughout the day. Furthermore, all of this comes at a great price for a reliable, functional and comfortable bag.

One of the sling bag’s most defining features is the addition of an audio pocket with a headphone exit port. This is a fantastic idea as you can still listen to music without having to hold your phone or iPod, making this the perfect bag for walks, hikes or travel. The pocket is also large enough for a credit card or identification card if you also need to access them.

Run Free Training Bag

Unfortunately, the bag is not big enough for large books or laptops, meaning it may not be appropriate for school use. However, its size benefits people who want to use the bag for clothes, food and supplies on hikes and whilst travelling.

Also, the bag is not waterproof, but if this is a necessity you can buy an additional waterproof cover which will fit over it for a very affordable price. A summary of the products pro’s are:
- It has an audio pocket and headphone exit port
- Great price
- Good size
- Large volume space
- Light weight
- Multiple colours
Alternatively, the cons of this sling bag are:
- Too small for laptops or large books
- Not waterproof

In general, this is a great bag which is suitable for travel, hikes, daytrips and professional use. Its light weight makes the bag very comfortable and manageable, and its smaller size mean you aren’t carrying any unnecessary weight. The addition of the audio pocket and headphone exit port are perfect for people who love listening to music whilst out and about, and the adjustable strap increase the bags functionality and adaptability. Overall, this is a great product and will become a stylish way to carry your belongings on a daytrip, to the gym or whilst travelling for work.

Port & Company Sling Review Score
Durability Comfort Style Rating Purchase From
Excellent Great Great 8 / 10 Amazon

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Parkour Backpack Introduction

The Best Parkour Backpack

It's officially summer, and that means we'll be having sunny days and warm evenings. While it may sound like ice cream to some, to others, it sounds like road trips, adventures, and sports. Sports have evolved over time, with each game improved and adapted to fit in urban settings. Gymnastics and aerobics have burst out of gyms and mixed with sports to become some really cool parkour.

Running, jumping, and climbing in parkour doesn't require much gear, except for proper running shoes and a backpack for the bare essentials. A good backpack is the holy grail of all activities; it's not only an effective storage solution but also a style statement.

Parkour has reached new heights. Recently, parkour was all over the news after an amazing display of talent down at the Skyladder parkour course at the Tianman Mountain in China. New parkour parks are opening everywhere, from Idaho to Bristol, and this summer break is going to be all about who does it better.

So, what’s holding you back? Grab a parkour backpack and your running shoes, and go show your talent!

Parkour and Backpacks

How are parkour backpacks any different from normal backpacks? Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, with durable bottoms, water- and fire-proof materials, and plenty of space to tuck away knick knacks. Some fancy top-range backpacks even include amenities such as bulletproof chest straps, inflatable jackets, and built-in water bottles.

However, parkour backpacks need to be selected according to certain parameters, so not every good backpack is a good parkour backpack. The perfect parkour backpack needs to be lightweight and have an ergonomic fit or else you risk a back strain and the possibility of getting stuck with moves such as flips, under-bars and rolls.

Parkour backpacks have to be made of a tear-resistant material because they may be exposed to granite, rock, cement, sand or grass, depending on the parkour course. No one wants to break off a run because their backpack split and tore.

What to Look For

For parkour gear, a small, compact backpack is needed so that it doesn’t become an obstruction. However, it should also be able to fit water bottles or a hydration flask and a few other essential knick knacks. When choosing a parkour backpack, four features must be given attention and careful consideration. While finding the perfect backpack is difficult, it is not impossible if you keep an eye out for these requirements:


Material plays a big role as the deciding factor for whether or not the backpack is sturdy enough to carry all the gear and is durable in outdoor conditions yet practical enough to allow movement without hindrance. Brands often use special materials such as waterproof material or Kevlar fabrics to give their backpacks an added value. These materials are great for a parkour backpack because they are light, practical, and durable.

Ergonomic Fit

Size and weight are key features for a parkour backpack because parkour involves sudden, quick movements and speed. If the backpack is too big, it'll slide around on your back and increase the weight you have to manage while jumping or running. Parkour isn't fun when a heavy backpack disbalances you in flips and while running. However, it's also essential to have everything you need nearby; if the backpack is too small, it will be of little use in case of emergency.


Parkour backpacks are needed not only to carry things but also to provide a style statement. A hint of personality and character is wanted as well as a bit of an edge. To make your parkour skills the talk of the block, you need to be good as well as look good while you're doing it.


The price factor wholly depends on the individual who is buying the parkour backpack. A parkour enthusiast can dedicate a bigger budget to facilitate their passion and hobby, while an occasional spree may not justify a very expensive backpack. The price is directly proportional to the quality, style, size and weight of the backpack and any of its unique features. The price you're willing and able to pay, therefore, plays a big role in determining the feasibility of the available options.

The Top Three Parkour Backpacks

A thorough combing of Amazon's best-selling parkour backpacks, combined with user reviews and personal experiences, has resulted in a selection of the best three options available for order on Amazon. We've used each one of them on a parkour trail, and there was a tight competition between them.

Parkour Essentials

While considering backpacks, you might also want to consider what you are going to put into them. There are a few essential parkour items that you might need to fit in along with a few personal belongings. A common list of items would be:
• A basic first aid kit
• House and car keys
• Smartphone with charger
• Media player with headphones
• Wallet
• Spare clothing and sweatbands
• Spare socks
• Rope
• Water bottle or hydration pack
• Snacks

Score Review

We scored the backpacks after a parkour routine, assessing how well the backpack fit while running and rolling, how many essentials it can fit, how well the material coped with outdoor exposure, and how it provides a good value for our money. Size and weight were the first consideration. Style was important as well because a backpack forms a part of your gear. Moreover, we considered that the backpack may also be used for other activities or to commute. The utility score includes practicality, ease of use, and durability. The price is scored according to the average backpack prices of similar backpacks.

The Port & Company Sling Pack lost score in utility because of its small size, as storing water bottles would be a hindrance and water is an essential item.

Parkour Backpack Conclusion


These three bags offer great value for money and utility for parkour enthusiasts. Out of the three, the Osprey Daylight Backpack is the most professional and sophisticated and is a dedicated sports bag. The Everest Sling Bag and the Port & Company Sling Pack can be used for daily commute and other activities easily. The choice is eventually dependent on individual preferences and the intensity of the parkour routine. A competitive routine with large meets would perhaps be best suited for the Osprey Daylight Backpack, while an occasional hobbyist may well be satisfied with the lightweight, compact sling packs. They've also become quite a trend.

Material-wise, all three are durable and sturdy, with zips and water-resistant material, and interior and exterior pockets. The Osprey Daylight Backpack also has an interior sleeve. Whichever you choose, these parkour bags are sure to meet your needs and assist your parkour routine while giving you the best of everything. All three are meant for different purposes, so make sure you buy the one that suits your needs.

Free-Running Bags

Whilst enjoying or competing in parkour, running and hiking, it is important to be able to bring all of your necessary items with you. In order to do this, you need to have the perfect rucksack/backpack. There are many features and designs to consider when finding a reliable bag, and each person has a specific preference.

One of the most important aspects of a parkour bag is that it has been designed to be light weight. You want to be packing as little as possible and don’t want a bag with a heavy frame which will weigh you down. A bag which is functional and manageable is the key to a good trip whether you are on holiday, going to the gym or using it for professional purposes.

Furthermore, the bag must also be comfortable. Bags with padded backs will greatly increase your comfort whilst wearing it and will also often stop your back from getting sweaty. Additionally, if the bag has adjustable straps you can adjust the bag to your body, making it more functional and comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself.
Another aspect to consider is how durable the bag is. You don’t want to be hiking up a mountain and lose your belongings along the way. By making sure the bags have strong zips and stitching, and are made with good quality material, you can ensure your belongings are safe and secure. It is usually best to invest in a product which will last for a long time rather than buy a cheaper alternative, as a quality bag will be well worth the price and will become a reliable possession to have.

Traceur essentials

Parkour bags which are compact are also very useful. Similar to finding a bag which is light weight, it is also important to find one which will not be too big, as this will just add extra weight, which is unnecessary, and can hinder your progress. This is also important as it may be unsafe to have unnecessary straps which can get caught on things, or carrying something which is unnecessarily large and can tip you off balance.

Additionally, large volume in the bag is very beneficial. This means that the bag does not have a large frame which takes up most of the storage space in the bag. For parkour activities, holidays and professional use, you will need to carry lots of things such as books, clothes, food and other supplies. By having a bag with a large volume, you will be making the most of all of the space in your bag without having to carry extra bags or lose out bringing things you need. Bags with multiple pockets are also highly useful as they will help you organise your belongings as well.

A summary of the key features to look for in a parkour bag are:
- Light weight
- Comfortable
- Functional
- Reliable
- Durable
- Compact
- Large volume

Overall, there are many things to consider when investing in a good, reliable and useful backpack. Below, there are reviews of three bags which are of a great quality and have differing features to attract a wide range of people and suit your specific preference.