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The Basics of Parkour

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Written by Eric Koston

The Basics of Parkour

Many people worldwide in our time wish to do many things in a different way and grasp the attention of everyone in their community. Teenagers and adults these days get surprised with attention-grabbing parkour moves and decided to learn this art. They have to focus on the basics of the parkour at first and begin their step to explore this art hereafter. Parkour is the natural method used to train the overall human body for leaping, moving from one place to another place, flipping, jumping and climbing. There is no structure and accessory used in the parkour practice. Every parkour practitioner uses their body as a tool for practicing every form of the parkour. They understand steps like perseverance, guts, discipline, and decision-making skills to get rewards for their parkour performances.

As a beginner to the parkour

You have to gather an essential parkour materials at first. There is no need to buy and use any pair of gloves while performing the parkour. You have to find a friend with likeminded interests and motivate your efforts for learning the parkour day after day.

Many people these days understand the overall importance of a strong and a flexible physique required for performing the parkour moves. If they like to learn the parkour hereafter, then they can run, jump, roll and do other exercises day after day. They can also take part in swimming, boxing, treadmill and other exercise types as per their convenience. They have to train their muscles soon after they have ensured that they get in shape with their body. This is advisable to do leg lifts, pushups, pull-ups and squats for strengthening all important muscles of the body.
Almost every man with an aim to take part in the most adventurous activities nowadays chooses the parkour.

This is because parkour is fun

Parkour practitioners these days make new friends get fans, save their life and life of others and take pleasure in the free time. All beginners to the parkour these days have to understand and remember that balancing is the most important skill required to successfully learn the parkour. You may often walk and jump onto rails, wall edges and other small areas. You have to strengthen your muscles further and enhance the coordination of various elements of the body required for successfully performing the complex parkour moves.

Running is mandatory for everyone who likes to practice parkour and excel in this art. This is because running support people for training with parkour day after day without any difficulty. If you run at least thrice a week, then you can increase your stamina level, maximize the flexibility and conveniently do any parkour move in the upcoming days. You have to be aware of how you successfully jump and drop out of harm’s way. Do not forget that jumping is vital to overcoming height differences. You can get over obstacles and across gaps when you jump and drop in a proper way.

People who practice precision jumps

They understand and unsure about how their balance, concentration, and awareness of their limitations help them to successfully do precision jumps. A tic-tac is a combination of a jump and a wall-climb. You can make use of this technique when you get to any place that is higher than the height you can jump. You can use the tic-tac in combination with another parkour movement as per the situation and your convenience. Almost every beginner to the drop move in the parkour gets some difficulties. This is because they have to move from a high to a low level without any assistive equipment. If you master landing, then you can successfully condition your body to the stress caused by dropping from any height.

Many beginners to the parkour in our time misunderstand that lending practices in the parkour training program are easy. However, they have to learn a lot about how they land correctly, promptly and safely.

You have to place your hands on this object

Once they have enhanced their knowledge and done one-foot landings, they have to practice two-foot landings. They have to keep their first contact with the ground when they land and the distance is the shoulder-width apart, balls of the feet and knees over toes’ tips. They can bend their knees while landing to achieve the soft landing.

Rolling is one of the most important landing skills and learned by almost every beginner to the parkour. A proper rolling after a safe landing is vital to shine in the overall parkour performance. This practice helps a lot for spreading out the overall force. The impact across various parts of the body for reducing the overall possibilities of injury. This is advisable to roll on your shoulder at first and then diagonally across the back. If you roll from one of your shoulders to the opposite hip. Then you can increase the flexibility of your body and learn complex parkour moves further without difficulty in any aspect. Vaulting is very helpful when you cannot jump over obstacles as you are running.

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